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Jim McFarland began his zoning work in January 2012 as a township zoning inspector until 2016 when he started  During that time Jim facilitated a full revisions of their township zoning code and managed the first village dissolution in the state of Ohio of a village into a township. 


He has presented at the Ohio Township Association for the past 3 years and contracts with local villages and townships on zoning enforcement and inspection.  With his zoning background, Jim began a strategic partnership with Permit Solutions Ohio assisting them with their permit process and contractor development. 


Traveling throughout the Midwest for zoning projects, he leverages a network of zoning and planning practitioners on site specific projects.

Zoning Resources is a zoning due diligence consulting firm that offers zoning reports, research, onsite inspection and enforcement. An emphasis on speed and complex zoning analysis distinguishes us from other firms. Our reports exceed industry standards and are trusted and relied upon by lenders, attorneys, surveyors, brokers, & other real estate professionals.

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