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ZR partnered with Millman National Land Services to provide due diligence in eight zoning areas allowing for completion of their project to the client deadline.

ZR partnered with Toole and Associates for a re-write of their zoning code.  ZR also partnered with Plan4Land to provide a zoning audit.  Soon after, ZR provided zoning inspection service

ZR partnered with Permit Solutions to provide business operations and permit management coordination resulting in reduced ground break delays in multi state site remodeling

ZR is partnered with 2 national permit agencies; 4 regional sign companies and has represented over 25 restaurants and retail centers for legislative reviews, meetings, commissions and hearings 

Zoning Compliance Report

Potential buyout of 280 convenience stores in Texas and Florida

Zoning Assessment

Village mayor and council requested audit and subsequent inspection and enforcement services 

Site Investigation


National fast-food regional remodel over 150 stores in 3 states

Variance and Commissions

90 percent approval on all applications for signage related hearings

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