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Outsourcing Permitting?

Some sign companies have great staff who handle permits and hearings.  Permits are considered a service provided to the client with little or no margin. If your business is keeping up and you're not losing clients or falling behind on production deadlines, you probably don't need us. 


However,  if permits are more headache and the fees are a pass through to the client, outsourcing the permit processing may be an efficient way to support increased sales and meet production deadlines. 

Sign Manufacturers and Installers

ZR complements your current staff in high volume permitting periods or can coordinate the permitting on all of your signage and graphics projects. 


We have a 90 percent approval on all wall, projecting, directional, pole, monument and menu board related legislative actions in large metropolitan cities and small towns in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Kentucky.  Restaurants, churches, warehouse manufacturing are some of the industries utilizing us for variance and graphics commission requirements.

Authorized Representative

Are you in sales?  Tired of spending time attending hearings and meetings, filing applications before you even begin building?  ZR can expedite the necessary paperwork to prepare your customers lot for zoning approval so you can focus on what you do best...supporting customers

Off Premise Billboard

Locating feasible sites are a diamond in the rough in many areas for off premise graphics.  Because of our extensive zoning background and network, we're connected with municipalities who provide current legislation and districts with favorable areas for potential billboard sites.

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