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Village Dissolution

Is there a village or municipality voting for dissolution or failing their fiduciary responsibility?  Contact us to discuss best practices given current legislation to address the zoning impact for your township.

BZA, Planning Commission, council training

Many boards consist of dedicated residents who desire the best for their local community.  Unfortunately not all have a thorough knowledge of the role and responsibility of their legislative or judicial function.


ZoningResources has presented for the Ohio Township Association on planning commission and boards of zoning appeals topics and presented for city councils who seek clarity in their task.  We've also coordinated training on the enforcement of the resolution in ways that reduce the risk to the locality or in precedent setting measures.

If you're anticipating a turnover of board and council members in this next election season, consider an orientation session or training by us.

Contact us to learn more!

Inspection and Enforcement

Some jurisdictions struggle with zoning inspector turnover, selective enforcement, spot zoning or consistency with the application of their code to their village, township or municipality.


We've assisted localities with zoning inspection and enforcement measures to enforce the resolution and codified ordinances.  This includes regular reporting and documentation for township boards of zoning appeal, planning commission and city council.  We act as the zoning inspector for your jurisdiction and will testify as necessary for Mayor's court and other hearings.

If you'd like to discuss your circumstance and consider how we might fill the gap with enforcement measures.

Zoning Code update

We've assisted townships and villages with updating their zoning code to meet changes with technology, legislation and comparable standards with similar zoning districts.  

We specialize with sign and graphics code; marijuana growth, processing and distribution language;  PUD revisions and general audit of all code sections with recommendations for update.

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