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With a 90 percent approval thus far, we've successfully applied and received acceptance for variance requirements on building setback, wall and projecting sign standards, menu board factors and required building materials percentages.  Additionally, we've petitioned with staff on several occasions for administrative approvals from major to minor modifications.

Historic Review Board

Many downtown districts have high standards for sidewalks, building material styles, designs and colors.  Because of our experience working in these districts, we're well accustomed to facilitating new and remodel projects with minimal need for revisions and corrections while keeping essential brand elements in tact for the client.

Planning Commission

PUD and commercial districts often prompt automatic reviews from Planning Commissions at local or county levels.  Because of our experience in these districts for restaurants and retail, we efficiently coordinate local requirements with our client's design needs resulting in reduced delays in project ground break dates.

Graphics Commission

Larger metropolitan areas create graphics commissions which are essentially divisions of the Board of Appeals focusing specifically on signage and graphics.  With 100 percent approval with no conditions, we're glad to represent you or your client at these hearings.

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